Warning Label

watch out

for splinters

on this kintsugi soul

mind my threadbare emotions

they can tear so swiftly with the whip of your wit

tread gently

my skin is thinned

from beatings real and incorporeal

and should i start to hemorrhage once again

apply pressure  to the tip of my widows peak

with your gently blushed




my heart has wound down slow these days like an old wrist watch skips metaphorical measures when i think of that night how i kissed your spittle-flecked lips between compressions come back to me 1 – 2 – 3 come back to me vermilion teardrops drying on your cheek i could not save you once […]

via Blood Into Ink Writing Prompt Challenge-indelible-Aziza/Rene — Blood Into Ink

Well lookit that!

Holy hell, it’s a blog!  Lookit that, she actually did it!  Now, to find something to say.  Think, think, think… ::taps head::

See the thing is that there is this great big, empty computer screen staring me in the face, taunting me, daring me to find something to say that might possibly interest anybody else in the world.  Demographically speaking, I figure there are about 6 of you out there that share my particular personality peculiarities (see Who the hell is she anyway?  I don’t feel like writing the whole damned thing over again.)  So why write a blog?  Or why leave the blog so open-ended?  Why don’t you write about “something”?

But I’ve spent my whole damned life looking for myself in words.  Searching for the book that would have just one turn of phrase that captured what I felt, one paragraph that felt familiar.  One reason to believe that that burning feeling in my head wasn’t insanity, but passion, intensity, the desire to keep on living and find human connection.  You search long enough and you finally realize that the words you are searching for just might be in your own head, waiting to get out.   I don’t want to write about something, I want to write somebody.  Somebody like me.

So here it is; my blog.   I promise I’ll give some more background and history soon, before I dive into my daily blathering, but I think I might be done for today.   Fucking mouthy computer screen.  I need a latte.